The latest hoplophobic hysteria occurring in CT at present, is the one of seeking to force any person seen open-carrying a firearm to produce their permit. To me it sounds as though they are trying to force legal gun owners in CT to carry concealed, which makes no sense, since criminals are well-known for carrying concealed. Simply put, concealed carry makes one mysterious. But I digress.

To solve this situation, and to assuage any suspicion or paranoia from the hoplophobes if they see me open-carrying in my little town of Bethel, I have taken to openly displaying my CT Permit To Carry Pistols and Revolvers.

Yes. I have it in an ID card holder attached to a neck lanyard. Everyone can see it, no problem.

This decision removes all possibility of controversy while I am out in public, since obviously I am a legal firearm carrier as displayed by my CT Permit to do so. Easy enough, yes?


Now then….when confronted by another gun-hating hoplophobe who has sided with the hyper-emotional anti-gunners in Newtown (and others), I have eliminated their concerns and complaints, according to their own desired legislation.