Open Letter to local business owners in Bethel, CT:

My name is Donald Borsch Jr, and I am writing this open letter to you all to simply let you know that I am a legal CT Permit To Carry Pistols and Revolvers holder, and I do carry a legal gun daily, on my person, as I go about my business here in Bethel and in the surrounding towns.

To assuage any unfounded fears of my viability and right to legally possess and carry a legal firearm in Bethel, (and surrounding towns), I will have my Permit at the ready to show you, if you wish to approach me and see it. I have it in an ID card holder on a lanyard around my neck, so it is easy to produce for scrutiny.

If you happen to see me in your establishment, (and you see that I am carrying a legal gun, and have shown you my Permit), should you still wish me to leave, please simply ask. I will happily comply without fuss or challenge. As private business owners/managers, your asking me to leave is wholly within your rights, and as I said, I will gladly comply without incident.

I would politely request that if you do not want legal guns in your local businesses, to please put signage on the front doors of your businesses, that can clearly be seen and acknowledged. If I happen to see such signage, I will of course not enter. But as mentioned before, if you do not have clear signage, just approach me and ask me to leave.

Please know that should you wish me to leave your business, I will not mount a Facebook or Twitter campaign to malign you, or to demand you allow legal guns and their owners into your business. That kind of electronic, online bullying and hate-mongering is not my style, and it is the recourse of weaker people with an agenda.

The reason I choose to carry my legal gun is because no business can 100% guarantee my safety while I am a patron therein. My personal safety, and the safety of my family, is paramount to me. I have a wonderful bride and two amazing daughters that I would lay my life down for, and defend by any means necessary, as would any proper husband and parent.

I choose to carry a legal gun as a means of defense alone, should the situation arise. While Bethel, and this little area of CT, is reasonably safe, there are no guarantees of this. I choose to walk in the “What if” aspect of daily life. And while the majority of folks I interact with daily are without ill-intent, and lacking in any mental disorder, I choose caution for the anomaly of those who might have ill-intent and crime on their minds. I believe it is better to have a gun, than to realize you need one, and find yourself without one. Our local police do a great job, but crimes happen in split-seconds, despite their desire to serve us faithfully and wholeheartedly.

I hand wrote a letter to Chief Finch of our Bethel Police Department, back when I first obtained my Permit in 2013. I let him know who I was, my Permit number, and my address here in Bethel. I did so as an act of total transparency and openness. I have nothing to hide, as I am doing nothing illegal. Would a person who is seeking to be a threat to our community so such a thing? Of course not. I thoroughly enjoy this quaint little town of ours, and I have roots down here. This is where my bride and I are raising our daughters. The last thing I wish to be perceived as is a danger to our community.

I hope you can understand this.

I also hope that after reading this, you will see I am hardly a threat to your safety, or the safety of the public. Quite the opposite, actually. I merely wish to be about my daily business, while legally armed without apology.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Respectfully written,

Donald Borsch Jr.
Bethel, CT

23 March 2016