On 21 April 2016, Thursday, Mrs. Clinton said, in a speech to her supporters in Hartford, CT:
“I am here to use every single minute of every single day…looking for ways we can save lives. For ways to change the gun culture.”
To this wholly arrogant and over-reaching comment, regarding how she will look for ways to “change gun culture“, I would simply say that she is completely delusional as to what “gun culture” really is. By her mindset, she equates her ideal of gun culture, that which is rife with thugs/gangsters/other miscreants in urban environments armed with illegal guns, with the gun culture I, and so many others, belong to and demonstrate daily, without incident.
I belong to proper gun culture. We are a group of Americans who respect guns, fully immersed in the sober-mindedness it requires to own and carry them. We do our research, we maintain our shooting abilities, we clean and care for our guns, and we are not ignorant of the responsibilities that being a part of proper gun culture demands.
The gun culture she needs to change is that of the illegal gun culture that murders innocents, glorifies in random acts of violence, and demands acts of machismo to make up for the lack of fathers so rampant therein. She needs to focus on urban battlefields like Chicago that, despite having colossally strict gun laws to stifle proper and legal gun ownership, make the news daily with illegal-gun shootings.
Proper gun culture is not a group of wanna-be thugs who are trying to make a point by murdering rivals. Not at all. That has as much to do with proper gun culture as illegal drug culture has to do with proper medicine.
Mrs. Clinton, you are only speaking out of political manipulation and hyper-emotionalism that is so prevalent within the gun-hating comunity. Please, seriously, just stop.