Yes, yes, yes. Believe it or not, (for those of you who are unawares), it is wholly legal to open carry your legal firearm legally in CT. Yep.

Personally, I adore open-carrying my pistols. Allow me to tell you why, if I may…..

  1. Open carry lets everyone know I am armed. Simple as that. No sneaking around. No concealing. Nope. It’s right there for all to see.
  2. Open carry can possibly stop a criminal from attempting to commit a crime. When a criminal relies on no one being armed in a target location, and then they see me with a fully exposed firearm on my hip, I would bet dollars to doughnuts they change their mind and walk away.
  3. Open carry makes me the first recognizable threat to a criminal, thus making me their possible first target. I accept this as a possible reality, and would much rather the criminal seek to engage me than to fire randomly upon unarmed citizens. Besides, this would give others more time to contact the authorities.
  4. Open carry makes some folks feel comfortable and secure, bringing peace of mind when I am around them with my open-carried pistol, and knowing I passed all the required vetting needed by law enforcement to be entrusted with a firearm for public carry. Yep. They consider me a good guy with a gun.
  5. Open carry shows others that guns, in and of themselves, are not killing machines that just up and shoot people.
  6. Open carry prompts some amazing conversations, and opens up the door for answering questions about guns and CT’s gun laws. When I open carry, I am ever ready to chat with folks who are curious and have many questions. Since I began open-carrying my pistols, I have had no less than 20 conversations with the curious and uneducated. Good stuff, folks. Open carry is a great way to introduce others to Proper Gun Culture.
  7. Open carry demands discipline, restraint, sober-mindedness, and focus on situational awareness. When I open carry, I am actually bettering myself on many levels, as the requirements to properly and responsibly open carry push me to higher levels.

So when you see me with my OC going on, there is not a one reason to be afraid or freaked-out. Not at all. Come on up to me and ask your questions. I’m always happy to answer and educate.