I have two children, both under the age of 8, and they know all about my guns. I have shown them my guns, talked to them about my guns, and given specific instructions as to what they shouldn’t do regarding my guns.

In the eyes of some, I am a heartless and abusive ogre who wants his children to shoot themselves. In the eyes of others, I am wise, pro-active, and I am being The Parent that my children need and deserve.

I have established two rules regarding my guns and guns in general.

One: Never touch any gun you might find, or see, or be around

Two: When you do see a gun, tell either Papa or Mama

It really is that simple, and two rules are quite enough, because my children obey my commands as their father.

I have seen countless times the argument and fussiness that goes like this: “Well, children will always find guns and play with them and they’ll shoot you or their friends or each other and you need to have them locked up in a safe buried in your backyard with only one key that you keep in a safe deposit box at a bank in a town 25 miles away, or you just know your kids will die! Guns kill! Think of the children!”

Listen. I shall speak plainly and truthfully here. (I am saying this generically, and not at you, as the reader, unless this actually fits your situation.) –> My kids are not apparently disobedient and rebellious jackasses like your kids who don’t listen to you as their parent(s). My children actually do listen to me, and they treat my word as law. But, so you shan’t think me as being unaware of gun safety, let me add that when my guns are not on my body, they are unloaded. It is impossible for my guns to somehow fall into the hands of my children to be shot, because it is physically impossible to fire, wait for it, an unloaded gun..

Impossible. No rounds. Unloaded. They cannot go ‘bang bang’, now can they?

Right now, these are the only two rules I need. As my children age, and develop maturity and their own self-discipline, the rules will change and adapt to their growth. I am raising my children around guns. They see them. They know about them. They are being taught to respect them, and not abjectly fear them, (as the hoplophobic cultists do). Maybe, as they grow, they will come to appreciate and enjoy gun ownership as I do. Maybe. I hope they will, but that decision is going to be theirs to make when they are old enough to intellectually grasp such an action.

It really is that simple.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment. I would welcome any insights or input you might wish to offer.