This morning (13 Jun 2016 Monday) on The Brian Kilmeade Show, (carried locally on WLAD 800 AM, out of Danbury, CT), Geraldo Rivera was lamenting our Second Amendment, implying it was somehow enabling and empowering the recent Islamic terrorist, the now dead Omar Mateen, to commit his act of murder against innocent Americans in a night club in Orlando, FL. This means that our Second Amendment is, by his rationale, to blame for gun violence.

I was livid. I called into the show, but was unable to get on the air to challenge Mr. Rivera’s knee-jerk assumption. Hence, this evening, now that I have some free time, I am sitting here on my laptop, pounding this out. This needs to be said.

The Second Amendment of our US Constitution is not to blame for any act of gun violence in this nation. Yet, each and every time there is a shooting such as we saw in Orlando, the gun-haters and other socially-retarded sycophants of The Gun Control Narrative pounce upon their soapboxes to further their agenda to vilify said Second Amendment, as though it is culpable in creating insane Islamic terrorists, and other assorted miscreants and societal scumbags.

For the record, our Second Amendment does not read thusly:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, especially for insane and socially-retarded Islamic terrorists and other devotees of violence against innocents, shall not be infringed.”

Natural Right means we have the right of self-defense. Some call it our “survival instinct”. I call it common freaking sense. This Natural Right was given to us and bestowed upon us by our Creator. However, some folks deny and reject this Right, and would prefer we all be weak, helpless, and at the mercy of bullies. Go figure.

But I digress.

Along comes The Founders, and being men who fully grasped the reality of Natural Rights, they wisely made sure our Bill of Rights specifically enumerated the right of self defense through the keeping and bearing of arms. — Note: The Founders did not grant us said right. It was not theirs to grant. They merely put down in writing what common sense folks already knew. No government can strip us of, or remove from us, the Natural Right of self-defense. And surely no government can annul or blot out our amazing Second Amendment, for it is what glaringly keeps our government in full check should it ever decide to become too big for its britches. ‘Nuff said.

Like you, I fully endorse our Second Amendment. I do. This does not mean I wholeheartedly desire for those who are verifiably insane, or criminals with records of such, to possess arms. I also do not wish to see those who have fully expressed a driving desire to inflict harm or death upon free Americans, all in the name of a foreign and pagan moon god, to possess legal arms. I surely do not believe for one second that our Second Amendment was written to make sure said miscreants would be purposely allowed to possess such arms, either.

What has happened is our Second Amendment has been literally hijacked, by those who are unworthy, and vilified through usage as common fodder in the gun-hater’s war on Constitutional gun ownership. In simpler terms, the gun-haters point to our Second Amendment as the catalyst for gun violence in America, and thusly, they believe it needs to be regulated through legislation and hyper-emotional rhetoric while casket-dancing for profit.

This is not how it should be. Criminals need to be held accountable. Attacking an enumerated Right within our Constitution merely shows the ignorance and helplessness of a minority of Americans who ironically hate that which has kept them free for hundreds of years. For surely, without our Second Amendment, there would have been a government run by men in our history who would have become drunk with power and sought to dominate and enslave us, knowing that an unarmed populace is easy pickings.

The Second Amendment did not give Adam Lanza a rifle on his way to Sandy Hook Elementary School. It did not encourage James Holmes to visit horror upon a captive theater audience in Aurora, CO. And it surely did not whisper plans into the ear of Omar Mateen to murder helpless night club clients in Orlando, FL.

There is not a one thing wrong with our Second Amendment. It stands to this day as that which separates us from other nations who have been defeated by their own governments. This is The United States of America, and we are yet a free people. I would encourage each of you to buy a legal gun. Train yourself in it’s usage. And carry it everywhere. Show the gun-haters. Let them know.

Thanks for reading.