“No one should have guns! No civilian should have military-grade weapons of death! No normal person needs a gun! Guns kill! I blame the NRA and the Second Amendment! How did terrorists get guns? We need more ‘Gun Free Zones’! I’m going to take to the Senate floor and hold my breath until someone notices me!” Etc, etc, etc….

Tedious. So, so tedious.

My questions are why is there this incessant demand to regulate private gun ownership in America? Why this hatred of private guns? Why this demand to regulate gun ownership? And why, oh why, is there this new push against the AR-15, a semi-automatic sporting rifle platform that only fires one round at a time. Why?

Our very own Second Amendment is strictly about guns for The People. I could care less if you think it’s about guns for hunting, guns for self-defense, guns to protect against the government, guns for collecting, or guns just because you want one. I could care less. All I know is that we all have the Natural Right to have, or not to have, a gun. Period. And along comes the Second Amendment which merely puts this Natural Right into writing. The Founders were wise beyond their years, and I am so thankful they did this.

What if the gun-haters focused their hatred and hyper-emotional vitriol towards the First Amendment? Could you imagine such an America? The Second Amendment is a protected right that is now under attack. It is no different than any other right. It is a right. It is not to be voted on, because, yes, it is a right. It is not to be fussed with because, again, it is a right.

Why is it that this hoplophobic cult feels it is okay to malign any right from our Constitution? Why, indeed.