I can’t make this stuff up, folks. Behold my Governor, Dannel Malloy, as he beats the hyper-emotional drum of gun-hatred using a tragedy as his casket to dance upon. (Funny, but I don’t remember him acting this way for Father’s Day after Sandy Hook happened…)

We are calling on Connecticut gun sellers to avoid all semi-automatic weapons sales on Father’s Day for one reason. We should show respect, through a symbolic gesture, to those who’ve lost loved ones in Orlando…..It’s a small gesture that all gun sellers can accommodate – and it’s a gesture to exhibit respect for the fathers and parents who lost their sons and daughters last weekend.

Newsflash, sir: Not a one CT gun owner shot anyone in Orlando during that horrific event. Not. One.

But you see, Sandy Hook. Of course, Sandy Hook must be attached to the Orlando shooting because, well, guns. The victimhood mentality is on full display, here. The only thing Orlando has in common with Sandy Hook is the fact they both happened because of socially and emotionally-retarded freaks who wanted to murder innocents.

That’s it. Nothing more. But I digress.

What you have here is an elected *cough* official who is supposed to govern with wisdom and accuracy, but has instead chosen to behave like yet another bored mommy of perpetual sorrow, vilifying not only inanimate guns but the Second Amendment. He is determined to reduce CT to a state wherein criminals, thugs, and other miscreants, have free reign, because as Governor he has dismissed private gun ownership as just another form of terrorism. When proper gun owners have guns, it is bad. When criminals have guns, it is social activism. Go figure.

This little speech he gave is wholly disrespectful to the families who have lost so much due to the evil of mere men, and this call to not exercise our Second Amendment rights, rooted in Natural Right, is political posturing and hyper-emotionalism.

Shame on you, Governor. You are fully on the wrong side of history.