I recently read an article about how the hoplophobes and other fascists screech and whine and make boasts about how they are going to take our guns. It got me to thinking…

Fine. Let’s end this, then. Gather your stones. Get your mobs together. Assemble your fighters. Come. Take. Them.

I’m waiting. I’m waiting for all the effeminate liberal males you have within your cult to face me like men that they never will be.

Let loose your man-hating homosexual women with their unshaven armpits and hairy legs, and see how long they will actually last when I treat them as total equals, setting aside my normal habit of entreating women with courtesy,  and engage them physically, since these warped women fancy themselves as men.

Send forth your patchouli-stinking granola-eaters and assorted earth-worshipers and see if they can man-handle me.

Prepare the spoiled and entitled college kids who can’t handle confrontations, and launch them towards us.

Muster your racist minority groups, drunk on the race-baiting kool-aid you have so willingly allowed them to drink, and foment their rage even more and more, and direct them to my steps.

Employ the police and the military, since you falsely believe they will obey your draconian and fascist orders to move against Americans who are doing nothing wrong, and see what really happens. No common-sense American wearing the uniforms of the police or the military will do your bidding, I assure you. Why would they?

Lastly, when all else has failed, (and it will), come yourself. Bring yourself to me. Come and face me. Come and try to take our guns. We have all the time in the world. We’ll wait.