Of the Gun in CT

A CT gun owner's blog


On Wednesday 6 January 2016, I went into my local grocery store, Caraluzzi’s, here in my quaint and little Bethel, CT. I was shopping with my 5-year old daughter, hand-in-hand, and I had my Jericho 941 in .45 caliber on my right hip in an open carry posture.

A lone customer (Amanda Neville of Redding, CT) saw my OC gun and complained to the store manager, and then left and immediately began an online crusade against Caraluzzi’s for allowing a customer to be in their store with an OC gun. That’s where this blog basically begins.

For the full story, please see Bethel Patch, under the leadership of Wendy Mitchell. The following links below this paragraph are in chronological order for your information.


This blog is an ongoing work, wherein I will simply speak about being a legal gun-owner in Bethel, CT, and the issues that affect me and others who are of the gun, as those issues occur.


Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. Comments that contain cursing or insults and those failing to add to the discussion will be summarily deleted.

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